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WWF WrestleFest tricks

Unfortunately I only know of one code so far, but if I learn of any more, I'll pass it on to you. To get crush of demolition to team with someone else in tag mode, highlight Demolition. Then, using the KEYBOARD, hold the down key and then press the up key. The select box will move to the right one on the empty space. Press any key to select crush and then choose your other player. I think this code may be some program bug. First, it wouldn't be possible to do in the arcade on only one controller (maybe it was done on two). And during the wrestler entrance, the name of the wresters is a combinatino of deomolition and the other wresters name (ie "Hulk Hoganition" or something like that). Still a neat trick. If you know of other ticks for this game or even WWF Superstars, please let me know